Leavening The dough rises thanks to the life inside the yeast. Care for this creature requires love. Mixing Movements as old as the world A force that combines ingredients with love. Flour, yeasts, eggs and flavours unite forever. Dividing A simple gesture. From the whole piece to the portions to work. You always get the right amount. Sheeting The area increases. You need skill to be able to prepare dough . that can be worked to perfection. Moulding Give the piece an identity. Like a sculptor who makes something
precious from a formless mass.
One, two, three, a thousand forms.
A rainbow of colours.
Oxygenating The breath of the ingredients transforms
their taste and their consistency.
Everything becomes nicer. In an instant.

Do properly. The way things once were.

Our aim, since always.
Build machines that help you.

And they do it the way good artisans would, with their hands.

An artisan company that cooperates alongside those who work every day to offer their customers quality, taste and authenticity. This is Domino, a company based in Schio (VI) since 2002, specialising in the production and distribution of machines for bakeries, pizzerias, confectioner’s and restaurants. From the classic spiral mixers to planetary mixers, from the latest double arm mixer to moulding machines, grinders and tabel-top planetary mixers,

Domino offers solid and reliable machines, true partners that help professionals reach their objectives in terms of product quantity and quality. And for future-thinking producers, Domino has perfected a new technological system to process liquid natural yeast: one step ahead in the world of baked goods to guarantee products that are consistently uniform, fragrant and wholesome.

Mixers Line

A line of three great families of mixers: theplanetary machines for pastry making and gastronomy, the double-arm mixers for bakeries, pastry making and pizzerias, and the spiral mixers, mainly for bakeries and pizzerias.

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Leaven Line

For those who wants to get fragrant, digestible and wholesome products combining traditional methods such as the use of natural yeast and technological innovation with MAMA, the machine which creates and preserves the liquid natural yeast.

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Bread Line

The Domino line meeting the needs of the baker who, once he has prepared the dough, wants to shape it by using a versatile range of moulders for rolled bread.

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Pastry Line

For the most demanding pastry makers and caterers: the manual sheeters for rolling almost all types of dough and the grinderswhich are indispensable for many pastry products.

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From A to Z.

DOMINO designs and produces. A factor that makes you choose DOMINO over others who buy and sell. Having everything in-house means being aware of the quality of what we sell and offering an economically competitive product.