Christian Trione presents ROLL26, the moulder by Domino

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The moulder is one of those machines that should never be missing in bakeries and artisan workshops: in bakery and pastry making it allows to enormously optimize – in terms of time and precision – the moulding phase.

What does moulding mean?
It is the phase in which the dough is given its final shape.

ROLL26 is the moulder by Domino, one of the first machines manufactured by our company, and among those we are most fond of. It is available in two versions: one in painted steel and one in stainless steel. A machine of undeniable precision … absolutely perfect for speeding up the production processes of many shapes.

What are the main features of the ROLL26?


Our two-cylinder moulder allows the creation of many types of products, especially thanks to the working range that goes from 25 gr to 1 Kg of dough.

Space Saver

Equipped with retractable and removable stainless-steel trays; the ROLL26 is the ideal moulder also for those who have a small laboratory. Furthermore, the possibility of completely extracting the trays makes the cleaning job much easier and faster.

Ant-reject Device

A proven and certainly very useful system that reduces the risk of non-rolling of the dough. Combined with the shaved wool belts, supplied as standard with the moulder, this significantly reduces the possibility of sticking.

Endless Possibilities

The ROLL26 moulder can be equipped with the addition of a pressing table integrated with the machine or a table equipped with an independent motor to obtain 60 cm long loaves!

In short, when the words MOULDER, ROLL and DOMINO are in the same sentence, it is certain that we are talking about a professional and reliable tool. Christian Trione, technologist and master baker, knows this well. In his shop in Aosta, Le Coin du Pain, he has now collected the entire fleet of Domino machines, including our ROLL 26 …

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