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Domino has set a precise goal, which is to address to WELL-PREPARED AND PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMERS, who are able to combine CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION.

Following  the NECESSITY OF TRAINING and the aim of BUILDING A TEAM OF EXPERT TECHNOLOGISTS, Domino decided to create the DEMO HALL; right here, last August took place the first day of tests and experimentations. The main objective was to create a COMMON SYSTEM for all the DEMO that are made in the customers’ laboratories.

All this was made thinking about another important objective as well, which is to elaborate GUIDELINES for sellers and final users, that of course can help to understand:



  • what the natural yeast is and what kind of advantages it brings, but also why to choose the yeast in the liquid form, and of course what kind of advantages MAMA brings;

  • the importance of the TRAINING IN THE LABORATORY with the presence of a TECHNOLOGIST, in order to understand  the potentialities of the machine at their best.

Domino has always had a special attention for the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION, which of course helped this company to grow up constantly through these years. Since the beginning in 2002, Domino has been involved in the production of machinery for the craft industry.

In a chronological order, Domino has produced the following machines:

  • FERMENTER FOR THE LIQUID NATURAL YEAST, in which we focused our efforts in the last 4 years.

Finally, Domino recently achieved very ambitious PROJECTS, by renovating both aesthetically and mechanically all the MACHINERY produced in the company itself, just like:

  • MAMA APP with touch screen;
  • MAGALAXY, spiral mixer with touch screen, double inverter for dough up to 100% of hydration;
  • TUFF, mixer with double arms, available in different options:
  1. With touch screen;
  2. With inverter;
  3. With inverter and touch screen (HYDRO version) for high hydrations.

Technologist by Domino

Fabio Lopez

He was born in 1971 and he has been into bakery his entire life. Actually, Fabio has been working for 33 years in pastry and catering , becoming a professional of the food industry. His main work experiences took place in some important restaurants, hotels, pastry labs, ice cream parlours, and of course in bakeries here in Italy but also abroad, just like in Malta and Saudi Arabia. Today he is a management consultant chef.

Christian Trione

He was born in 1974 and at the age of 14 he started to experiment with water and flour in his family’s bakery. In 2004, he opened with his wife Ernesta “Le Coin du Pain”, a well-known bakery Saint-Christophe, in Aosta Valley, Italy. In October 2017, he won the silver medal at the “Coupe d’Europe de la Boulangerie” , the Bakery European Cup, with his team: Bruno Andreoletti, Nicolas Tecchiolli and Fabrizio Zucchi.
From 2014 to-date he gained the title “Panettone d’auteur Richemond Club” for four times.
In 2018 he is awarded as “Enlightened Man” in Matera, Italy, for his constant research of top-quality raw materials, and also for his revaluation of the rye cultivation in Aosta Valley. In 2019 he won the “Massimo Alberini” prize of the Italian Food Academy.
Recently he gained a top position at the “Mondial du Pain” in Nantes, France, that took place from 20th to 22nd October 2019.

Walter Denti

Born in 1961, he followed a classical formation based on bakery and pastry, and then he added some studies about pizza. Walter kept on his formation by studying Communication for the Management leadership. Thanks to many work experiences all over the years, he has now become a management consultant for companies of the white art sector..

Abramo Tomassini

Born in 1988, he began learning white art techniques and technical knowledge of laboratory equipment from a very young age thanks to the family business. Which for more than 50 years has been in the sector as the sale and installation of equipment and in the management of a bakery in the heart of Umbria. At the age of 19 he took up a position as production manager at the family bakery and was passionate about natural yeast, a passion that continues today. When Abraham is 29 years old, the family business decides to leave the bread production sector and devote himself to representation and consultancy for the white arts. During the management of the bakery he faces many training courses at companies and alongside with valid professionals in the bakery, pizzeria and pastry sector.

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