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The world of dough is vast and complex, being difficult to understand by those who do not work in the industry. Yet, being a multifaceted world, this complexity does not detract from the appeal. High-hydration doughs are like a whole other planet! To comprehend them thoroughly requires extensive knowledge of the raw materials: water and flour.

But what exactly does high hydration mean?

High-hydration doughs contain more water than the classics – with everything depending on the type and absorption capacity of the flour. The more water in the dough, the more hydrated it will be. As the water evaporates whilst baking, it increases the volume, also thanks to the CO₂ produced during leavening. In conclusion, all this translates
into a voluminous and soft product, with a more open crumb that renders the final product delightfully soft.

To obtain such results, however, knowledge of water and flour is not enough. The right mixer actually makes all the difference.

TUFF HYDRO, one of our latest models, was created precisely to produce leavened bread, pizza and desserts with more than 100% hydration. Christian Trione came to visit us for a day of testing so we took advantage of his presence… In conclusion, these four videos capture some interesting concepts for making Biga (a kind of prefermentation commonly found in Italian baking), Pane Classico (Classic Bread), Pala romana (a special highly hydrated pizza) and Ciabatta (an Italian white bread) – all up, a true handbook containing the fundamentals of using the TUFF HYDRO.


3 minutes, 40 kneads at 8 RPM.
This pre-fermentation not only generates flavour but also the perfume and especially the shelf-life of the product. The programme used here includes a single phase, at the end of which the Biga will be stored at 18° C for 24 hours then used at a percentage of 30% in the final dough.


3 minutes, 40 kneads at 8 RPM.
Stop the machine for 30 minutes.
8 minutes, 55 kneads at 11 RPM.
10 minutes, 80 kneads at 14 RPM.


2 minutes, 40 kneads at 8 RPM.
10 minutes, 55 kneads at 11 RPM.
8 minutes, 70 kneads at 14 RPM.


2 minutes, 40 kneads at 8 RPM.
10 minutes, 55 kneads at 11 RPM.
8 minutes, 70 kneads at 14 RPM.

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