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Cornetto all’Italiana

Cornetto all’Italiana

by Christian Trione

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The Cornetto all’Italiana – or, Italian-style Croissant – is an institution for a typical Italian breakfast and is an indulgent treat found in pâtisseries and cafés all over Italy. Also known as a Croissant or Brioche, this crescent-shaped pastry is a staple in the country’s culinary tradition, dating back through centuries of Italian baking history. Masterfully prepared, the Italian-style Cornetto is made using a light and fluffy leavened dough, enriched with high-quality butter. The production process requires skill and precision to create a flaky and fragrant texture. A Cornetto all’Italiana can be enjoyed in the classic version, with its delicate flavour and subtle sweetness, or else filled with custard, jam, chocolate or other delicious variations, to satisfy every preference and desire. Each Italian region has its own variations and local specialities, enriching the tradition of the Italian-style Cornetto with a touch of diversity and authenticity. But wherever you go in Italy, Cornetti all’Italiana remain a symbol of taste and tradition, a taste experience that is part of the country’s culinary identity. With this recipe, compiled by Christian Trione, all the secrets to a great Cornetto all’Italiana will be revealed!

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