Fabio Lopez, the master of great leavened products.

 In Domino Art-Lab

Today we’re talking about another member of the Domino Dream Team: we present Fabio Lopez! If you follow us on our social networks you can’t have missed one of the latest Mamaliev-theme videos published directly from the Domino Art-Lab.

Fabio was born in 1971 in Faido, Switzerland, but originally, he is from San Giovanni in Fiore, Calabria. From a very young age he demonstrated his inclination and passion for the world of cooking and pastry making, and the hotel school is not just the small springboard for what will be, it’s a career full of satisfaction and success.

28 years as a cook and pastry chef, the last 6 years of which also as a baker.

A genuinely remarkable curriculum and his visceral passion, which also led him to travel around the world, as far as China.


Nowadays Fabio is mainly engaged in pastry and bakery products, with a special emphasis on large leavened products. Panettone, Colomba and festive desserts are among his strong points. Last February, he came to visit us at Art-Lab to experiment and test our Mamaliev, Mama’s liquid natural yeast and to use it in large leavened products. The results were absolutely exquisite! His work, which he shared with the other members of the Technology Team helped to take another big step forward in simplifying the use of Mamaliev.

Patience and organization are the two great pillars of Fabio’s work; those who have had the opportunity to get to know him cannot disagree. His simple methods and clarity of explanation make him the perfect teacher.

Domino’s collaboration with Fabio Lopez dates back to 2017: the great preparation and wealth of experience he brought to the company were immediately invaluable and soon became indispensable…

And what are Fabio’s plans for the future?
His dream is to open a production workshop and create a brand for the shops. 

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