FIDAK – Dakar 2018

 In Domino dates

Domino in Dakar! From 29 November to 16 December we will present the art of our products for the processing of dough for bread-baking and pastry-making in Senegal. It will be another great opportunity to explain and demonstrate the potential of our machines; here are a few examples: 

ROLL 26, the functional and multi-tasking moulding machine for wrapped bread.

SM7 and SM20, the intelligent counter-top planetary mixers. An enormous resource for any activity, with their multiple capacities and the set of tools, these machines can be adapted for all doughs, satisfying both the gastronomic world and the companies dedicated to pastry-making, from small artisan workshops to more structured facilities.


ROLL: two-cylinder molding machines and pressure table most loved by bakers.

They are really able to adapt to multiple uses thanks not only to the two very precise adjustment handles (with 22 positions), but also to the retractable and removable steel trays and to the optional or independent press table (specific for the realization of the “filoncini” “And baguette).


SM: Beautiful and compact planetary for all needs

From the confectioner to the chef, from the pizza chef to the baker, this line really meets every need: 7, 12 and 20 liters of tank capacity, three tools (whisk, hook and spatula) to whisk, whip, knead, oxygenate, mix … in one great solution. The speed variator and the timer built into the 12 and 20 liter models make it easy, precise and extremely reliable, both in the small laboratory and in the large kitchen

In short, if you’re in the area, please come and visit us.

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