Why liquid natural yeast is more and more present in artisanal laboratories.

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The possibilities of developing the ancient road of leavening are infinite, many of them are linked to traditions of bakery, others are the result of creativity and innovation of bakery masters, who are able to create new mix and successful receipts, thanks to a conscious use of liquid natural yeast.

But what is liquid natural yeast? How does it work?

Which are the differences from solid natural yeast?

We recently spoke about it, in our article “How to check fermentation and conservation of liquid natural yeast” and we noticed a certain interest to this topic, by our public.

We must say that quality is one of the most important characteristic. This is because if you want to obtain a good dough with a superior fragrance, quality is the way.

Liquid natural yeast is chosen by many professionals, who try to get a different product (bread, cakes, focaccia, etc…) from those of common quality.

Is it difficult to maintain liquid natural yeast alive?

This is one of the most common questions among those who don’t know very well this precious ingredient. Of course it is not so easy. There are many problems. For example, constancy of “cultivation” is fundamental.

Temperature and humidity play a central role in it. But also movement is an essential element. Also, spending a weekend out or other kinds of long absence from the laboratory may prejudice the integrity of liquid natural yeast.


So, does liquid natural yeast require constantly the presence of a person in the laboratory?

We used to say yes, until some years ago, but today technology can help bakers, chefs, pastry chefs by offering them  machinery in order to keep liquid natural yeast alive without checking it constantly, where it is conserved. But there is more. Technology also helps to avoid temperature shock and allows to set a maintenance programmes, in order to avoid other risks of compromising the yeast.

What does DOMINO offer to artisans who want to work with liquid natural yeast?

After three years of research, Domino is proud to present a full range of machinery for maintenance and fermentation of liquid natural yeast. Very strict test and the intervention of professional tecnologues led to the rise of “MAMA”, a real jewel of technique and technology, of knowledge and innovation.

MAMA full range of fermenters is made by three different models, suitable for different productive exigencies.

Mama 15 is the smallest one, dedicated to little laboratories and to those who produce minimum quantities but with the best quality. It can work up to 10 kg of natural yeast.

Mama 30 is the medium version, perfect for laboratories of medium dimensions, with a useful capacity of about 17 kg.

Mama 120 is the biggest one, suitable for those who need to work with big quantities of liquid natural yeast without losing quality. It can contain up to 80 kg of product.

With these machines, liquid natural yeast is no more a problem, thanks to the specific software, which can support every need, most of all the conservation (up to 72 consecutive hours of conservation without need of maintenance by lab personnel).

This is why more and more artisans –those who are looking for a high quality of product, in bakery or pastry- today choose liquid natural yeast to obtain a better fragrance in their excellent dough.

If you want to know more about this topic, to choose which MAMA is suitable for your laboratory, or to get a quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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