Mamaliev Club: a liquid yeast starter project

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At long last, we can now talk about the Mamaliev Club – one of the most ambitious projects to emerge in recent years.

But what is the Mamaliev Club? We know that Mama and its Mamaliev product are indispensable in creating natural, high-quality products. With this project, the aim is to involve the various operators to spread the culture of natural leavening, demonstrating all its advantages, when the process is managed by the fermenter created by Domino.


The Project

The Club came about from the desire to bring the culture and its practical and economic advantages to all those who use or wish to use liquid yeast starter as part of their daily activities.

The three main objectives are:

  1. To convey the concept that the technology expressed by Mama is the optimal solution for all problems associated with managing the main ingredient of leavened products – the mother yeast;
  2. To create synergy between stakeholders by highlighting the advantages that this technology represents for each of the players involved;
  3. To spread awareness regarding how innovation and continuous research are the solution to overcoming any crisis, even in traditional sectors such as artisan bakery production.

In all of this, a fundamental presence and assistance comes from our dream team of technologists, the beating heart of the Mamaliev Club. The intention is to share the Master Technologists’ knowledge and experience. In this way, all practical, economic, quality and promotional advantages can be exploited to the fullest extent possible.

But the benefits don’t stop there…

Domino has put its heart into this project … but also its head!

Putting themselves in the shoes of artisan bakers is an almost daily operation for the Domino technical and operational team. This is why, as part of the design phase, we asked ourselves, “What factors are most often overlooked, at their core, in the everyday operations of a baker?”


The solution is continuous and constant training along with the sharing of tried and tested recipes and tricks of the trade that enable anyone to bring their customers new, seasonal and diverse products. For this reason, Mamaliev Club members shall have access to a private area in which the Technologists will periodically publish their recipes and tips, along with the entire manual of recipes and advice that will always be available!


In the frenzy of everyday life, being able to devote time to your own promotion and marketing activities is not to be taken for granted. That’s why Domino has come up with a basic kit to promote businesses and products with Mamaliev. Roll-up signage, stickers, counter displays … all the

Points of Reference.

Unity is strength. Domino strongly believes in sharing and in creating a network of artisans, technologists and retailers. Hence why the Mamaliev Club was created, with the idea of promoting the individual
artisan in three simple steps:

  • Synonymous with quality, the immediate recognition of quality products with the use of Mamaliev and the subsequent application of the Mamaliev brand on the member’s products and in their premises;
  • Being featured on the website, with the enterprise of each Mamaliev Club member being included on the mamaliev.it website via a geolocation map, which will ensure an online presence and help members be found via mamaliev.it thanks to all necessary contact data: address, phone number, website and so on;
  • Being highlighted on social media for further visibility of the member and their activities with the posting of photos on Domino’s social media – indeed, upon joining the Club, each company will be shared and/or tagged on Domino’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

The time has finally come to get involved. So … what are you waiting for? Join the Mamaliev Club today.

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