Masters of Panettone – Domino mixers

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From 30th November to 1st December 2019 Domino will be present at  Masters of Panettone”, a great event in Milan that will see many competitions between the Best  Masters of Panettone of Italy; our machines will facilitate Masters in order to create some of their best fine quality products.

25 Italian Masters will compete for the Best Panettone, offering  visitors the possibility to chose between more than 100 types of artisanal Panettone that will be sold at extraordinary prices, in view of the holiday season.

Domino professionalism will be represented by two of our best double arm mixers, TUFF and TWINTECH, reliable machines that guarantee a very high quality of the final product.

The main points of this event, during which we will provide our mixers, are:

  • to taste masters’ best delicacies
  • to learn more about Panettone, thanks to many lessons over these two days
  • to know better  the world of Panettone
  • to buy unique products with exquisitely flavors

The event is also designed for children, with a dedicated space where they can have the possibility to meet the world of pastry.

Domino is proud to be official technical sponsor of this sweet event, a perfect occasion for those who want  to visit Milan and to taste its best delicacies.

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