New videos for fermenter, double-arm mixers, moulders and planetary

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We published some short videos on our Youtube Channel Domino, to show you the important characteristics of some machines(fermenter double-arm mixers moulders and planetary mixers).

Specifically, we focused on the new entry MAMA (liquid natural yeast fermenter), TUFF and TWINTECH double arm mixers and ROLL moulding machines with their PRESS pressing table.
Here on our website you will find a short video for each product page.
Other videos are also available on the Youtube Channel Dominovi, where you will easily find the video you need, of course in your favorite language(Italian, English, French Spanish available).
For the first time the four videos are reported here below:

MAMA liquid natural yeast fermenter

This innovative machine allows you to work natural yeast more easily, obtaining a product that is consistently uniform, fragrant and digestible. Mainly used in bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants, canteens and delicatessen.

TUFF double arm mixers

Traditional, strong and reliable machines thanks to the movement of the two arms, which incorporate oxygen into the dough and reduce overheating to a minimum.
Used by everyone who needs great dough quantities. Available from 40 kg to 150 kg of capacity.

TWINTECH double arm mixers

The technological evolution of TUFF double arm mixers. They are very silent and nice to see. Available in 4 models, from 30 kg to 60 kg. dough.
They are suitable for bakery, confectionery, catering and pizzerias.

ROLL two-cylinder moulders and PRESS pressing table

They are designed for producing enrolled bread of different kinds, like banane, filoncini, cioppe, mantovane.
Mainly used in bakery laboratories.

SM table-top planetary mixers

Suitable for confectionery and bakery laboratories, as well as ice cream parlours and restaurants.
Many versions available. They are suitable for extreme needs, from beating the eggs to whipping the cream, but also to prepare various semi-fluid creams and leavened dough like focaccia bread, brioche and soft dough, as well as short crust pastry, cakes and biscuits.

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