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Taste and quality are essential for the artisans in our sector.
We don’t just sell machines branded DOMINO to help them produce what they already do well, we sell professionalism.

Aware that our double-arm mixers, TUFF and TWINTECH, are known for their quality and sturdiness, we are always trying to improve them every day.

We have made significant changes to our best-selling TUFF and TWINTECH models, which are now available in multiple versions.


The basic model of the mixers with gears in oil bath already includes two speeds without timers, but now you can also choose the model with the two timers, TUFF 2T or the extremely versatile version with variable speed through inverter, TUFF INV.

All these models are available in capacities from 46 to 155 kg. of dough.

Last in terms of time but most important and innovative creation of Domino within this family of mixers is the TUFF HYDRO model, conceived for those who produce highly hydrating doughs and therefore equipped with a double inverter that manages the speed of the bowl and arms independently. The functionality of this model is completed by the versatile touch screen which, among other things, also allows the storage of countless recipes. TUFF HYDRO is available in versions from 46 to 110 kg. of dough.



The innovative DOMINO patented mixer, equipped with self-lubricating Technopolymer gears, is available in the TWINTECH 2T and TWINTECH INV versions. TWINTECH 2T is equipped with two different speeds and two digital timers while TWINTECH INV version has adjustable speed and a digital timer.
Both versions have been made more versatile and are available in models 30, 45 and 55 kg. dough capacities.


Summarizing the news we could say that Domino mixers are for all tastes.

Would you like to know more? Download the technical data sheet of our products

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