Founded with the idea of getting ahead.

DOMINO s.r.l. was established in 2002 thanks to the experience acquired during more than twenty years by one of the founders in the bread making and pastry making machinery sector; the beginnings were therefore the fruit of knowledge of the machines in the sector associated with the desire to fine-tune the experience of the past in order to make the work of artisan bakers and pastry makers simpler, faster and qualitatively better.

Artisan? Grist to your mill.

It is specifically to the ARTISAN workshop that DOMINO offers its range of machines, starting from the extremely versatile two-cylinder moulder, the machine with which the company tackled the market for the first time. The production range includes the small planetary mixers and other top-of-the-range machines, such as double-arm mixers (which were first introduced in 2006, immediately placing DOMINO in the list of the best manufacturers of this machine type), and the latest DOMINO-branded product, the innovative fermenter for natural liquid yeast

But always present.

DOMINO is a small-scale company in terms of workforce but, thanks to its versatility, it is able to perfect the machines produced in order to maintain the constancy of the quality-price ratio of its equipment. Thanks to the dynamism and professionalism of its staff, DOMINO can guarantee a fast and efficient pre- and post-sales service for its customers. These features have made it possible to reinforce its distribution network in Italy and abroad and extend it constantly.

Simple handy machines. For everyone.

The versatility of many of the machines built by DOMINO means that they can be used in many areas where it is necessary to increase production capacity without losing sight of product quality.
The sectors in which our machines are particularly appreciated are:


Home-made from A to Z.

DOMINO designs and produces. A factor that makes you choose DOMINO over others who buy and sell. Having everything in-house means being aware of the quality of what we sell and offering an economically competitive product.

Your production never stops.

It is rare in the life of a DOMINO machine for it ever to need intervention. However it may be necessary to change parts which suffer natural wear through assiduous daily work. All the components of the individual machines are always in stock. This means supplying spares with a very short lead time, required for shipping, and reduce production stoppage problems to a minimum.

Exporting together.

Since 2006, DOMINO has been a member of SIPAN, the consortium that brings together Italian builders of machines for the bread, pastry and pizza making sectors.
For us acting together means obtaining the greater visibility that our products deserve. Especially abroad. SIPAN boosts exports by means of collective promotional activities such as shows for operators in the sector, fairs and events of a technical nature. Why do we join together? Simply to be closer to our distant customers.