Table-top planetary mixers, which one?

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How to choose the perfect table-top planetary mixer?


A table-top planetary mixer is fundamental for every type of activity, from bakeries to ice-cream parlours, from pastry shops to pizzerias. For all these reasons your table-top planetary mixer has to be chosen carefully, looking at the general characteristics but also to your professional needs.

We all know that getting a perfect dough is crucial for every kind of preparation. During this first stage there are many processes : the gluten takes shape and the yeasts increase, whereas the flour enzymes start the dough maturation.

Kneading  is a very delicate stage and it needs great care in order to obtain the perfect dough.  For this reason, Domino created the SM line, which offers planetary mixers of 7, 12 and 20 liters to fulfill the needs of any production, from the smallest to the largest.

Planetaria SM7

Find out which is the best SM table-top planetary mixer for you


The SM7, SM12 and SM20 models can be used in every kind of dough, thanks to the several capacities and the set of three useful tools (whisk, hook, blade) which can beat, whip, knead, oxygenate and amalgamate the product. Every kind of requirement will be satisfied, from small artisans laboratories to bigger companies.

All the SM models have a structure of painted steel and a bowl of inox steel;  in addiction, the SM12 and SM20 models have adjustable feet of inox steel and a shockproof guard of polycarbonate, and they can also be placed on specific trolleys.

As regards functionality, the SM7 model has a tilting head with a button for head unlocking and speed regulation, and the SM12 and SM20 models have a control panel for speed regulation and  timing. Every model of the table-top planetary mixer lines is very precise, reliable and easy to use, thanks to all these different devices.

If you need more information about our table-top planetary mixer, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form, we are always happy to help you. Also check out our website, where you can download the dedicated pdf brochure.

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