Test for MAMA, a day trial for everyone’s taste.

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MAMA is a technological machine that is able to generate and preserve liquid natural yeast, featuring time and temperature control programs.

The demonstration of MAMA – the innovative machine for the production and maintenance of liquid mother yeast – was held in Busca, Cuneo on the 24th of September.

A day in which we gladly showed you how it works and what potential it offers.

We made and allowed you to taste: the pizza alla pala (pizza peel), “Genzano” bread with yeast in liquid culture, breadsticks with mixed leavening, puff brioches with mixed leavening (and with refrigeration techniques), the famous Venetian figs and walnuts and the ciabatta bread with BIO heat-treated bran.

A really vast “menu” that has also proven to the most sceptical people that using liquid mother yeast offers spectacular production quality.

Products with uniform, fragrant and highly digestible doughs, obviously preferred by those who want to stand out in the bread-baking and pastry-making world.

Many of you have complimented the particularity of MAMA(now available in its MAMA15, MAMA30 and MAMA120 versions), understanding the production options and the unique features for a liquid mother yeast fermenter.


Special thanks to Walter Denti, Master Baker and our technologist, who, thanks to his much appreciated style, once again demonstrated to all of us at Domino, the point of view of in-house workers, thereby confirming the reason why many experts today are choosing the path of production with liquid mother yeast.

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