Christian Trione presents MAMA – the advantages and benefits of everyday use.

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Yeast is an essential ingredient and a staple for anyone who tries their hand at making bread, pizza or sweets.In a previous article, we talked about what liquid natural yeast is along with its importance for every
artisan baker but let’s quickly go over the basics.

What is natural yeast?
Natural yeast is a leavening agent in a creamy form that, when added in varying percentages, results in baked products with organic leavening.

For some few years now, Domino has produced and sold MAMA, the liquid natural yeast generator. The technical specifications and operating characteristics are broadly covered in the machine’s data sheet, accessible via this link. But let’s take a step further and hear about MAMA from Christian Trione – Technologist, Master Baker and the representative for Italy to rank 4th at the last Mondial Du Pain, as well as being one of our most trusted collaborators. Working with our technologists is essential given that, together with the tests and demos in the Art-Lab, our machines really are put to the test which allows us to measure the capacity and use in practice. Who better than a Master Baker can thus illustrate the characteristics and advantages of our MAMA?

Le Coin du Pain, il negozio di Christian Trione ad Aosta e i vantaggi di un uso quotidiano di MAMA

We will have the opportunity to explore Christian Trione’s knowledge but in the meantime, we can say that his shop in Aosta – Le Coin du Pain – offers a wide range of products, many of which are made daily with mamaliev, the liquid natural yeast generated by MAMA.

Daily use of the machine led him to develop a profound understanding of its short- and long-term merits.

So, what are the benefits of using MAMA?
Let’s begin with the advantages from a practical point of view. Aiding and simplifying the artisan’s work in production and the use of natural yeast have long been our main objectives. The liquid natural yeast generator that we devised and manufactured is thus designed to:

  • Facilitate the management of yeast refreshment;
  • Maintain constant fermentation and yeast preservation temperatures;
  • Make it possible to extract ready yeast at any point in time;
  • Reduce the risk of human error.

From the artisan baker’s promotional standpoint, MAMA offers the opportunity to manage production in a very simple and practical way by:

  • Rendering it possible to sell natural yeast products daily and not only on set days;
  • Allowing products to be produced with low compressed yeast content;
  • Ensuring products can be sold with a ‘clean’ label, being without food additives, enzymes or flavourings.

Finally, we should not forget the economic advantages. It’s easy to talk about how much the liquid natural yeast generator can do in qualitative and practical terms but often running an artisan bakery or food establishment inevitably also leads to considering the economic aspects of a significant investment such as buying a new piece of equipment. There are many factors to consider in such an assessment but we would like to emphasise the most important ones, namely:

  • The reduction in compressed yeast usage;
  • The decreased use of chemical additives;
  • The economic enhancement of the final product.

These are just some of the economic advantages to buying and using our liquid natural yeast generator. MAMA has many qualities and Christian Trione knows all too well how to make the most of the possibilities.


i vantaggi di mama 15 - generatore di lievito madre liquido


i vantaggi di mama 30 touch - generatore di lievito madre liquido con touch screen

MAMA 120

i vantaggi di mama 120 - generatore di lievito madre liquido

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