Abramo Tomassini, Technologist and heir to the White Art

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Today, we introduce Abramo Tomassini, one of the technologists of the Domino Dream Team – Masters of the White Art.

Born in Foligno, class of 1988, Abramo is a true heir to the White Art, having inherited his love of the profession from his miller great-grandfather, flour seller grandfather and baker father. From a very young age, he began to learn all the tricks of the trade from his father, leading him, at the early age of 19, to share the responsibility for the management of the family bakery as production manager.


Passion, hard work and a love of natural yeast continue to be the cornerstones of Tomassini’s professionalism.


The road to success for Abraham has consisted of training, experience and coaching from the sector’s top professionals. Baking, pizza-making and pastry-making no longer have any secrets for him, but his constant desire to experiment and push the boundaries remains fundamental.
I prodotti di Abramo Tomassini
I prodotti di Abramo Tomassini
I prodotti di Abramo Tomassini

After years and years of success, the family business gave up production for representation and consulting services, and Abramo Tomassini, at 29, officially became a Technologist.

The fruitful association with Domino started a couple of years ago, when the supplier-customer relationship soon turned into an incredibly active and dynamic collaboration. His extensive knowledge from both a technical and commercial point of view are the great strengths of Abraham and a source of great pride for Domino too. Finding highly qualified people who can adequately reflect the company philosophy is not always as easy as it seems, but, this time, we picked a sure bet.

And what are Abramo’s plans for the future?
His dream, not far from becoming reality, is to create a White Art School at his Showroom…

I believe the opportunity that Domino is giving me through this collaboration is a great opportunity for my professional growth

Abramo Tomassini

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