Hands in dough: ArtLab has also landed on the Domino website!

 In Domino Art-Lab

We’ve decided the time is right: this article officially inaugurates the new section of our website entirely dedicated to the art of bread, pastry and pizza making. Domino is not “just” solid and reliable machines, hard work and continuous research…its flour, water, yeast. Domino is Art!

This part of our website will be used to share all our advice and tricks with you to allow you to work 110%, promoting passion and innovation day after day.

Like in the physical area in our demo room, where we indicate the most suitable equipment and train clients on the use methods and high performance procedures, here we also want to transfer all our know-how to obtain healthy and genuine, high quality products.

Our Art-Lab, on the website and in our company, is used precisely to visually enter the small, suburban bakery or the big bread shop in the city: testing and experimenting at first hand, we know exactly the needs of those using our machinery on a daily basis and we can continue to improve them and implement them based on real, everyday demands. DOMINO’s research and innovation are at the artisan’s service! 


This is not simply about demonstrating the already known production capabilities of the Domino-branded machinery: our objective is also to develop new forms of white art, improve and optimise the work of those already in business and seeking to enhance quality and, lastly, recommend and develop production strategies for experimentation enthusiasts always in search of new objectives to achieve.

This section of the dominovi.it website finally provides practical space for our Technologists: Christian Trione, Fabio Lopez, Abramo Tommasini, Walter Denti and Lorenzo Zordan. Each of them is a great little wealth of know-how and expertise, which the time has come to share!

With plenty of recipes, demonstration videos and interviews, and also time to talk about our machines from the point of view of those using them daily: how to benefit from the various speeds of our double arm mixers, the capacity of our MAMA, the fermenters for liquid natural yeast, or all the comforts and absolute versatility of our moulders and our tabletop planetary mixers. 

“Get your hands in dough” for us means entering the real world of the artisan; not just the back of the shop, but directly in the bread baskets, the pizzas and the pastries and, as a result, in the heart, and stomach, of the consumer. Quality, taste and value of the product, genuine ingredients and speedy and efficient production are just some of the keywords in Domino’s Art-Lab

By the way … have you seen our new Art-Lab presentation video? It’s presented by Christian Trione, Technologist and Master Baker, representative of Italy and 4th classified at the last Mondial Du Pain!

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