The recipe for Italian quality: ingredients and procedure for guaranteed success!

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“Made in Italy” is synonymous with elegance, prestige and passion.  In Domino, we have decided to create our own recipe for Italian quality, our House Organ 2020.

This announcement is for artisans of taste: professional bakers, pastry chefs, pizza chefs and restaurant owners. All the machinery was designed, manufactured and packaged with the objective of creating excellent products.

La ricetta della qualità di Domino

Why choose Domino?

Because we offer all the ingredients necessary for artisan businesses. We do not only sell double arm mixers, planetary mixers, moulders or fermenters for natural yeast: we promote ourselves, our know-how and our experience combined with that of our technologists team, who are always willing to help. We model our know-how and our machines on the needs of the individual artisan.


As for every good recipe, the right process is key to obtaining quality results. We in Domino know how to do our job well and, over the years, we have acquired knowledge that has allowed us to identify our strengths and use them to our full potential:

1. Production
Our warehouse contains simple materials, such as iron, steel and plastic, bringing our machines to life.

Tabletop planetary mixers / Double arm mixers / Two-cylinder moulders / Fermenters for liquid natural yeast

2. Innovation
Even a work of perfection can be improved! Over the years, we have never stopped enhancing our machines: we redesigned and perfected the SM planetary mixers and ROLL moulders and we have recently designed and patented the new TWINTECH and TUFF double arm mixers. A separate mention should be given to the work done to develop the innovative MAMA liquid natural yeast fermenter.

3. The Team of Domino technologists
We have already met them, but our team of technologists also deserves another mention: Christian Trione, Walter Denti, Fabio Lopez, Lorenzo Zordan and Abramo Tomassini, are the masters of white art with whom we have worked to create a professional team always open to designing suitable solutions for an increasingly demanding market in continuous evolution.

4. Domino Art-Lab
Our crowning achievement is the demo room, created and designed for the artisan who can test and experiment the Domino machinery guided by our technological masters.

5. Customer Care
We are always available for prompt care and constant support for all your needs; once you enter the world of Domino, you also become part of our family.

Need more information?
Download the House Organ PDF or contact us!

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