The Technologists get together and Art-Lab gets back to business: 2021 is off to a great start!

 In Domino Art-Lab

2021 is off to a great start, with the first meeting between the Team’s Technologists in a long time.

Taking all necessary precautions required at present, with all participants having taken a rapid COVID-19 test to avert any risk, the meeting proved crucial in the development of the Domino 2021 strategy.

We took the opportunity to welcome Andrea Aldrighetti to the Domino Team – a collaboration that has never been more fitting given the dynamic and close-knit atmosphere of Art-Lab that greeted the newcomer from Verona.

These days of laboratory, experiments and cohesion took place with a somewhat different feel than usual. It was not just a matter of experimenting with new recipes and new combinations but also to consolidate the use of MAMALIEV, the liquid natural yeast generated by MAMA and used each day by every baker and artisan.

Pizzas on the peel, Tuscan bread, Panettoni… our technologists focused on the workhorses of the Italian art of baking and beyond, all to offer a direct and decisive approach to all artisans wanting to incorporate liquid natural yeast and those who want to buy or use MAMA.

Fabio, Andrea, Christian e Abramo in Art-Lab

Abramo, Christian, Fabio and Andrea put all their know-how and experience in the mix – being the perfect ingredients for a decidedly tasty and well-leavened dough.

The first day served to share all of the ideas and thoughts that have developed throughout the last few months. A brain-storming session was entirely necessary to start this year with clear ideas and precise goals.

On the second day, the Technologists rolled up their sleeves and finally put their hands in the dough. Testing and experiments served to improve the use and addition of the liquid natural yeast in the most classic and common recipes. 

And the keywords?
Simplicity and ease.  

Pane toscano
Pizza in pala

The key objectives, clear and shared by all, being precisely to streamline. A problem or request corresponds to a direct and immediate response. What bread are you making? What product are you after?

Fabio, Christian, Andrea and Abramo have tried a range of production methods, for example, with the use of a biga or by stretching the yeast.

What is a biga?

It is a fairly dry pre-dough that helps the leavening of the actual dough.

What does “stretching the yeast” mean?

Stretching is the process of forming the gluten structure to have a soft and elastic dough, which is difficult to break.

The third and last day served to wrap up everything that had been achieved. After tasting the delicious and fragrant fruits of much labour, the Technologists finally bid farewell with a plethora of new ideas and a new wealth of awareness and projects for 2021.

Are you curious to discover what we have in store? All of us at Team Domino are looking forward to having you along for the ride… Follow us on our social media networks to stay up-to-date!

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