Our machines at work.

Seeing our machines in action is certainly different from reading their technical specifications and looking at photographs. That is why we have created these videos for our customers who live far away and cannot come and visit us. Updates on the latest machines produced will be on-line soon. Come and see us.


Tuff double arm mixers are machines that guarantee high quality of the finished product, guaranteed by the movement of the two arms, which incorporate oxygen into the dough and reduce overheating [...]


Twin-tech is a patented double-arm mixer, featuring a number of significant innovations in comparison to traditional mixers.


MAMA is a technological machine that is able to generate and preserve liquid natural yeast, featuring time and temperature control programs.


The table-top planetary mixers in the Domino line come in 3 models. Compact and with an attractive design, and practical to use, they are suitable for every kind and size of production.


Mag spiral mixers are solid and sturdy machines with two motors, one for the spiral and one for the bowl.


Domino Roll moulding machines come in 2 versions: a painted steel model and another stainless steel version. Both guarantee high performance while taking into account value for money.


Domino pastry sheeters are very versatile and sturdy, that can be used to roll sweet and savoury products in bakeries as well as restaurants.


The SMART line of planetary mixers was designed to process dough suitable for the production of pastry goods, bread and pizza.


Sturdy and reliable spiral mixers for bakeries, pizzerias and confectioner’s fitted with stainless steel bowl and spiral.