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Watchword: Technology 4.0!

Published on 6 October 2021
Tecnologia 4.0

Technology 4.0? A few months ago we announced the release of our flagship machines, MAMA and TUFF HYDRO, in version 4.0-if you missed the article, you can catch up with it at this link. This is a very important development in our industry: it has always been our goal to provide state-of-the-art machinery. We have always tried to work hand in hand on all the features of our products, starting from the mechanics, all the way to the aesthetics … but the technology, to tell you the truth, is our workhorse.

We are very proud of our achievements. MAMA and TUFF HYDRO have proven to be true jewels in their field on many occasions, and 4.0 technology is their flagship.

We have already listed the technical features and 4.0 functionality–but what do they actually add to daily work?
Let’s look at the standard features right away!

  • First of all, control via Touch Screen (Domino-Touch) really allows you to “get into” the machinery. Icons, colors and interface are designed to make any necessary operation simple and immediate. This means being able to operate the machine with one finger!
  • Second, the ability to interconnect the machines to factory computer systems (TCP/IP) allows you to network the machine and manage it through your management system. In short, it means connecting the different machines in your business for a leaner, smoother, faster production flow… and centralized management of each machine!
  • You can view the status of the machine-it will tell you if there is something wrong with your dough. Solving any problems will become a breeze! In addition, by entering data and processing via XML protocol, uploading your custom recipes and settings is as easy as drinking a glass of water! But much faster…
  • A software-based telediagnostic system to report and alert you to any mechanical or technological malfunctions or needs, which is very useful in solving any problems quickly and with great accuracy. A lifesaving feature that, in the event of a breakdown, allows service to work at lightning speed!
  • A system for monitoring parameters and working conditions, on the other hand, allows you not to miss a single detail of your work. An account in great detail of processing times, temperatures, and working methods, so you have everything under control.

In conclusion, this is a very appetizing addition to MAMA and TUFF HYDRO. In addition, with the purchase of capital goods, it is possible to save up to 74 percent in the purchase of new 4.0 machinery, thanks to the possibility of receiving a tax credit, which can be used to offset mod. F24.

A truly unmissable opportunity to renew your fleet and give your business a boost!

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