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Industry 4.0

... even simpler

With a world in constant technological evolution, Domino's decided to explore the universe of Industry 4.0.

Economic advantage

Tax credit for purchaser of "capital goods in 4.0" to the extent of 40 percent of assets worth up to 2.5 million; a real shot in the arm for the artisan *Data updated to October 2022

Technical advantage

Interconnection of the machine to the production system, with the possibility of checking the progress of production, timing and optimization of maintenance work, as well as telediagnosis of errors.

Domino Excellence


Machine completely controlled by a dedicated software 4 dedicated programs for managing the phases Product and bowl …

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Domino Excellence


Structure of painted steel mounted on wheels Fixed bowl of inox steel Bowl guard of …

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Technology 4.0 is available for MAMA TOUCH and TUFF HYDRO TOUCH.

Tecnologia 4.0

Watchword: Technology 4.0!

Technology 4.0? A few months ago we announced the release of our flagship machines, MAMA and TUFF HYDRO, in version 4.0-if you missed the article, …

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