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Linea: Bread Line

The Domino Bread Line was created to meet the production needs of bakers in their daily production of bread.

Bread Line – the line of Domino machines dedicated to the production of bread and to the work of bakers. Thanks to the wide range of moulders for wrapped bread, Domino allows you to shape daily creations with ease and production speed. Ease of use, cleaning and above all sturdiness and durability over time make Domino moulders a safe choice. Domino offers solid and reliable machines, real partners that help professionals achieve their goals in terms of product quantity and quality. Doing well, as it used to be. It has always been our goal. Building machines that help you and do it like a good craftsman would, with his own hands.

Two-cylinder moulders and pressing table

Domino ROLL moulding machines come in 2 versions: a painted steel model and another stainless steel version. Both guarantee high performance while taking into account value for money. Both ROLL versions feature stainless steel retractable and removable trays to guarantee easy machine cleaning. The Roll moulding machine can be supplied with the addition of a pressing table (mod. FL) built into the machine, or a table with independent motor (mod. PRESS) to obtain loaves 60 cm long. The new ROLL moulding machine version comes with a no waste system. The supply is completed with short pile wool belts and heavy duty wheels. A reliable tool created based on the requirements of baking professionals who need solid and long-lasting machines.


A line of three great families of mixers: the planetary machines for pastry making and gastronomy, the double-arm mixers for bakeries, pastry making and pizzerias, and the spiral mixers, mainly for bakeries and pizzerias.


For those who wants to get fragrant, digestible and wholesome products combining traditional methods such as the use of natural yeast and technological innovation with MAMA, the machine which creates and preserves the liquid natural yeast.


The Domino line meeting the needs of the baker who, once he has prepared the dough, wants to shape it by using a versatile range of moulders for rolled bread.


For the most demanding pastry makers and caterers: the manual sheeters for rolling almost all types of dough and the grinders which are indispensable for many pastry products.